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About The Warm House Company

Here to do things differently

Around here, energy efficiency matters. In Central Otago where long, hot summers and freezing winters are part of life, we are driven to create homes that work with the environment, not against it.

Doing things differently means shifting the status quo and delivering a genuinely energy-efficient home without compromising quality or performance. Our vision is to make warm, dry, healthy, and well-built homes the norm, not the exception.

And our homeowners share this same vision. We welcome you to be a part of doing things differently.

You deserve first-class quality

Quality without compromise. With a proven construction process and innovative and cost-efficient building materials, we’re delivering high-quality homes at a fair price.

Make coming home special

A home is more than the materials it’s built from. Our house designs consider lifestyle and liveability, and it all adds up to a home you’ll be happy to come home to.

New home builds shouldn’t cost the Earth

We’re creating high-quality, low carbon, thermally efficient homes that will contribute to a reduction in energy use. And that’s better for you and better for the planet.

Be a part of something unique

Join us in leading change and making a difference. Our vision is to become the benchmark in quality, accessible, healthy housing. Are you ready to join us?

Our Story

Founded in 2021 by the team behind one of the country’s premium building companies, Warm House Company brings the expertise of high-end home building to eco-home building for everyday Kiwis.

Warm House Company’s founder, Dennis Dowling, is the name behind DCD, a leading builder of premium, energy-efficient homes in Central Otago. Dennis knows first-hand the impact that innovative, high-performance homes deliver and the delight these beautiful, warm homes are to live in. After growing up in a home where his bedroom was also the entry, mudroom and lounge, Dennis has a genuine drive to ensure budget alone doesn’t stand in the way of living in a high performing home.

And so, Warm House Company was launched with the same dedication to quality and performance as DCD but with a focus on delivering homes at a more attainable price point. By adapting the process, materials and scale of passive home building, our team has crafted a range of Warm House Company homes that set a new benchmark.

Our clients feel strongly about building an eco-home and come to us because they know we share their passion and level of knowledge

Meet the Team

Dennis Dowling

Founder & Managing Director

Dennis’ career in building began at age 16. By the time he was 26, he was running commercial projects and managing worksites of over 220 people. With an evident knack for both project management and leadership, Dennis worked on increasingly complex and challenging projects around the world, from roading projects in the jungle to high rises in downtown Los Angeles.

Dennis started Warm House Company to make a difference in how the building process is carried out in New Zealand and to shake up the status quo. Dennis and the Warm House Company are advocates for improving the accessibility of high-performance buildings and making this industry best practice.

“Setting a new standard for affordable, energy-efficient building is how New Zealand can lead change and ensure all New Zealanders live in healthier homes. We want to help play a part in that change.” Dennis Dowling