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What makes a Warm House?

Airtight, ventilated homes of quality, warmth and performance

What makes a
Warm House?

More than the materials and building methods used, a warm house is a beautiful, healthy home you can enjoy coming home to every day.

It’s the knowledge you’re leading the change and making better, healthier futures possible.

From the quietness that comes from triple-glazed windows to the quality fit-out, this is a home to love.

Wall framing
190mm thick wall construction incorporating an external bracing layer over 140mm vertical stud framing. Inside the external framing we have a 45mm internal service cavity, the service cavity battens run horizontally to minimise Thermal bridging. Both cavities are filled with Knauf Earthwool insulation. All Plumbing and Electrical services run in the service cavity ensuring there will be no frozen pipes in Winter.
Triple Glazing

Windows and doors are the weakest point in your external envelope - we use airtight Triple Glazed uPVC joinery for its superior thermal and acoustic performance characteristics and European Tilt and Turn operating technology. The triple glazing ensures we keep the internal temperature as stable as possible for year-round comfort.

Rigorous attention to the air-tight membrane and taping ensures our homes are constructed to meet an ACH of <1.0. The lower the ACH (air changes per hour), the less energy required to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

Ventilation System

The Heatpump system is ducted to all living and bedrooms, the system utilises an Energy Recovery Ventilation system which exchanges energy from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air. The system will recover 75% of the energy from the outgoing stale air. A ventilation system is essential when using airtight construction to prevent internal condensation.

Insulated foundation
Our Warm Houses use a fully insulated 250mm MaxRaft Slab foundation with perimeter insulation, this minimises any loss of heat from inside your home to outside through your floor.

We install double layers of Knauf Earthwool for high-performance insulation exceeding the NZ Building Code requirements. We use R7.0 Ceiling insulation (R5.2 & R1.8 layers) and R5.4 Wall insulation (R4.2 & R1.2 layers) to ensure comfortable year-round temperatures.

A full suite of Miele kitchen appliances to meet the energy-efficiency standards of your home.

Airtight Construction
A ProClima Intello airtight membrane is used throughout the external envelope to eliminate energy sapping draughts in your home, the Intello layer acts just like a windproof jacket over your insulating mid-layer. We test to ensure our Warm House homes will achieve airtightness performance of less than one complete air change per hour.

Warm house features

From triple-glazed windows and energy-efficient appliances to high-tech ducted ventilation systems and thermally-broken MaxRaft slabs, it all adds up to a more accessible way to achieve a beautiful, healthy home.

Warm House

Create a passive home that delivers minimal energy use and maximum comfort. Every home is built for high insulation, high ventilation, no air leakage and no thermal bridges.


Sourced from a NK Windows in Christchurch we include triple-glazed uPVC windows for the highest standard of warmth and prevention of condensation and moisture.

Fixtures & Appliances

Offering affordability without compromising performance, our homes come with a range of fixtures and appliances to enhance energy efficiency and airtightness.


Insulation in ceilings and walls and an insulated poly slab provide the highest levels of insulation top and bottom. Sound insulation within internal walls improves your living environment.

Blower Door Tested

Your home is blower door tested to verify airtightness of 1ACH or better.

Quality & Care

Constructed by a team of qualified builders, experienced in airtight home building.

Why a Warm House?

Around 40 per cent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy use. Improving the energy efficiency and airtightness of our homes is one simple way to make a significant shift in this statistic.

Warm in winter, cool in summer and lower power bills all year round, a warm and dry home delivers countless benefits to people and planet.

Thermally-efficient homes draw on sun, position and airtightness to maintain internal temperature to greatly reduce energy consumption. High ventilation and fresh air circulation minimise the occurrence of damp and mould, ensuring better health for all those who live in the home.

Warm House Company brings together energy-efficient building materials and passive house design to give you a home of exceptional performance and quality.